Wabi Premium gets the official Hitachi cow import certificate from Japan

Japanese Hitachi beef is known as one of the world’s most premium beef breeds. Raised in the majestic and rich natural environment of the Ibaraki region with the most advanced technology in livestock management techniques, Hitachi beef is an ingredient loved by Japanese chefs and people. prefer.

Adhering to strict breeding procedures, the Hitachi cattle breed is cared for in a very separate way. These are the “happiest” cows in the world when every day they are massaged, bathed in warm water, enjoyed symphony music and soaked in Sake to relax. In particular, Hitachi cows are raised with carefully selected food and drink sources and including Natto – a specialty of Ibaraki Prefecture made from fermented soybeans with a lot of nutrients. It is because of the requirements. With special and strict requirements in farming techniques as well as testing for slaughter, the amount of finished beef is extremely valuable and is likened to a “marble treasure”.

The characteristic of Hitachi beef is the soft fat veins alternating on each fiber, creating visual perfection. You will not be surprised by the soft sweet taste “melt in your mouth” as well as the standard nutrient content when enjoying this valuable beef. Always wanting to bring customers the quintessence of Japanese cuisine, Wabi cannot ignore this excellent ingredient in the restaurant menu.

To bring the most complete experience to Hitachi roast beef, Chef Wabi has chosen Striploin – a standard Hitachi beef with marbled fat with a sweet, fragrant and greasy taste. When grilled evenly on red coals, each vein of fat gradually melts and blends into the pink flame to create a seductive scent that no other meat has. The piece of meat is nearly rimmed, the inside is succulent, fragrant, and smells appealing to all diners.

As a famous “super-treasure” that is recognized and loved worldwide, the original Hitachi beef flavor is not easily found anywhere. Hitachi beef has gradually been distributed and dominated the worldwide market, but the quality and true origin of those Hitachi-branded beef pieces are indeed difficult to grasp.

At Wabi, our only thought is to bring the ultimate taste experience to diners in a unique tea room space. Wabi Premium has been patiently searching for a long time with thorough inspection and appraisal of the origin and quality of the product.

After days of searching, negotiating and negotiating, the brand representative – Mr. Duong Manh Hai successfully signed a contract with the Ibaraki beef association in January 2021 on the import and supply of authentic Hitachi beef. in Vietnam together with the certificate of quality standard Hitachi cows issued by Ibaraki Prefecture, signed and authenticated by Mr. Takakazu Kamogawa, Chairman of the Ibaraki Prefectural Cow Association.

As one of the first restaurants with Hitachi beef certificate in Hanoi, Wabi would like to bring a commitment to the quality and origin of Hitachi beef ingredients at the restaurant. We believe that customers will always feel satisfied when coming to Wabi Premium.